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About Us

Our story starts with a beautiful baby German Shepherd named Hogan. Hogan at an early age had many issues with his skin. His, fur would fall out in certain spots, his skin scabbed very badly, and his nose was very dry. We tried using many different topical balms and oils, and even converted his diet to raw, but nothing made too big of a difference. 

It wasn't till we began adding hemp hearts to his diet that we began seeing miraculous results! Within two weeks Hogan had a happy wet nose, healthy skin, and even softer fur! So together, mother and two sons, we began to research other nutritious and beneficial ingredients that are good for dogs. After a few months we formulated a hemp treat recipe for Hogan and he loved them!

Today we are happy to share our home made recipe with the rest of the world, to help other pups stay happy and healthy! We are always looking for new products and ways to better a dogs health and always appreciate feedback and suggestions. 

Thank you very much for reading about us! We wish you and your furry friends all the best!